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We create an informative and personalized 4-page newsletter that establishes you as the primary source for real estate expertise.


Your name, photo and contact info are featured on a beautifully illustrated cover letter, constantly updated with informative content for homeowners.


Attractive tables, charts and graphs display the most recent sales data and trends.


Reach homeowners every 60 days, regardless of your schedule - February, April, June, August, October & December.


You have complete exclusivity to your farm areas. Once you sign up, we won't mail to that neighborhood for any other agent.



Real Authority real estate market update in an envelope

Our unique see-through envelope window displays the name of the community you are mailing to and introduces you as the specialist in your chosen communities. Your photo, logo, and contact information are clearly visible to homeowners at first glance.

What's Inside

Terminology used in print will vary based on location, please contact your neighborhood marketing consultant to see exact verbiage used for your area.

Endless Content

Endless Content

We provide you with professionally designed Real Estate content that changes every mailing, saving you time and effort while relaying a constant stream of Real Estate related information to homeowners. Our expansive template library ensures you will never run out of content.


Click on any image below to take a look at just a few of our many template designs.

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The Basics of Home Appraisals
5 Traits You Want in a Realtor
Homebuyer Incentives
5 Seller Mistakes to Avoid
4 Home Improvements to Avoid
7 Low-Cost Home Improvements
9 Ways to Make Buyers Bite
6 Things Buyers Want Most in a Home
Illuminate Your Space
Imagine Your Dream Realtor
Summer Cooling Tips
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