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Facebook Reviews

See for yourself what Agents are saying on our Facebook page.

Debi Q.

The customer service is outstanding!  I have been a client for many years.  I recommend them highly.  Quality paper, quality color on my mailings.

Morad F.

Excellent service! They do all of the heavy lifting by pulling all of the data and  preparing it so it is easy to understand.....Thank You 🙏 for all of your help!

Barry G.

I get a lot of compliments about the format, and people remember that it's from me when they're ready to sell!


Irit N.

Pleasure working with The Real Authority. Easy to communicate, they provide great customer service and the letters do have great valuable information to home owners.

Letter in Mailbox House BG.jpg

Kim N.

I've been using The Real Authority for approximately 6 years and they have been instrumental in me capturing listings in my Farm areas. It's super easy and it's basically a set it and forget it which works great for me as my schedule is very chaotic. Thank you, The Real Authority, for offering this awesome service!

Letter out of Mailbox with Hand.jpg

Brooke H.

I started using The Real Authority for one full year in just one community and made just $60,000 in the first year of listing commissions. I love their product and just added on 2 more neighborhoods.

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