Brian McGreevy

Sarasota Home Realty

"The Real Authority saved me hours of time, established me as the neighborhood expert and expanded my business. All of this at a very reasonable price. I sure wish I had this tool years ago... I'd be retired by now."

Jim & Donna Soda

Premier Sotheby's International Realty Group

"We have been with The Real Authority since 2005. We feel it's been a great tool and plays a huge role in making our phone ring. Our farm area or any farm area loves to soak up data/stats/information. With The Real Authority, you become their Real Estate Specialists and residents wait and look forward to your piece in the mail. In more cases than not, every listing presentation lets us know they receive our stat piece and enjoy reading it. They want to know what has sold and at what price per sq. ft. It's something that will take time because they say it takes 21 times before you make an impression. All we can say is that if you are patient it will pay off."


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Phillip B.

I have been using The Real Authority for probably 4 years. I usually list 2-3 houses after each mailing, because of the mailing.

Bob G.

I love The Real Authority! It's so easy as they do ALL the work. They do the mailing every 60 days like clockwork. Excellent customer service as they proactively contact me by phone and email to make certain I am pleased with their service.

Patricia B.

Have been using Real Authority for several years, and I keep hearing from the people in the subdivision that they keep it, and when they want to sell, many of them do call me. An easy way to stay in front of your areas.

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