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Let our all-inclusive program save you time and money. Setup is simple. Just choose your communities, coordinate with your neighborhood marketing consultant to set up your letters, and close more deals.




The communities you choose become exclusive to you.


Easily edit and refine your mailing lists.


One of our neighborhood marketing consultants will work with you every step of the way and can help you identify communities to farm.


We mail your market updates every other month, establishing you as the expert in your farm area.


Work with your neighborhood marketing consultant to set up your mailings in a few easy steps. We provide you with a growing library of professionally designed and written content.


We supply different content each mailing, providing homeowners with valuable and informative Real Estate content. We offer many options to personalize your mailings.


We prepare the sales data for your chosen communities and display it in easy to read charts and graphs.

Our market updates save you time and effort so you have more time to close deals.

Build your business while reinforcing your local reputation.


Watch your market share increase as our market updates establish you as the “go-to” agent in the communities you work in.

Real Authority real estate market update in a mailbox

Our Market Updates include a custom 4-page newsletter, full-window envelope, updated mailing list, most recent sales data and postage.


There are no contracts, startup fees or minimum purchases.


A dedicated farming expert will be your personal point of contact, available to you every step of the way.

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